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Published March 1, 2017

In “Who does the service better” news, Microsoft enters the game streaming ring with their own rendition of the PlayStation Now program that Sony implemented with the release of the PS4. Xbox Game Pass will allow you to stream over 100 games from their Xbox 360 and Xbox One libraries.

The biggest difference between how Xbox Game Pass and PlayStation Now performs comes down to ‘streaming Vs. downloading’. PlayStation Now works by letting you stream and play games instantly. Xbox will go a different route and let you download your games before you play.

Right now Sony is winning with their catalog which contains over 450 games, but Xbox is just starting so I’m sure the number will catch up soon. So how much will you be paying for this service? Well, Microsoft wants you to pay $10 a month to enjoy. In typical fashion, this feature will be rolling out for Xbox Insiders first. More details will arrive closer to spring time.

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