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Published July 7, 2015

Every season anime fans flock to see what new shows have been released with hopes they find a show compelling enough to keep them interested until the final credits role for the series so they can tell anybody who watched the anime after them that they weren’t part of the hype train and totally act like a weeaboo. Needless to say there hasn’t been many anime recently released that will stand the tale of time such as a Samurai Champloo, Death Note, or Code Geass. Most anime in the past few anime seasons haven’t had me actually anticipating their weekly release with the exception of No Game No Life and now surprisingly World Trigger.

World Trigger at first glance is an average anime to many or even considered to be bad and I wouldn’t disagree full with that statement. Within the first 5 episodes of an anime is usually when people decide to drop an anime and for some reason I managed to still keep watching world trigger after I originally thought it was boring and had full intentions to stop watching. I’m 36 episodes into the series and I will admit that World Trigger is a slightly more than average anime. World trigger has many interesting, likeable side characters, comic relief, a decent and straightforward plot capable of simple understanding, no fan service that I can remember, and the story makes sense. Where the anime fails in being compelling is in its pacing and lack of ability in enhancing and taking advantage of the mood.

Two weeks ago when I was catching up on some episodes I missed and I realized that World Trigger does a horrible job at pacing the anime when at around 14 minutes into an episode the director decided it was a good time to play the intro theme song. Whoever is the director of this show is doing a half ass job in my opinion. There is no reason the intro to the anime should start after 5 minutes into the episode let alone 8 or 14 minutes. It’s a turn off watching an anime in the middle of an explanation of the plot or of a major battle to see the intro randomly start. Another problem relating to the pacing of the anime is the fact that the show will last 22 minutes and they will use anywhere from 3 to 5 minutes on a recap of the last episode and the intro plus an additional 2 minutes for what will happen next episode and giving previously stated lore about people, objects, and concepts in the show. In turn what happens is the anime really only last 14 minutes and about the last 3 minutes are always the rising action and part of the climax, which almost always ends on a cliffhanger leaving you to wonder what is happening in the plot or next battle. Then the following episode starts with the climax at the beginning after of course 5 minutes of recap and a random intro sequence in the middle of the show taking away from the mood and thus the cycle continues of this anime. It’s good that the cliffhangers are interesting, but when they pick up for each episode they leave much to be desired. It suspence and lack of new content feels similar to watching the walking dead minus the thriller and zombie aspect.

As I stated earlier the pacing of the show greatly affects the mood which in turn is their second biggest mistake. Constantly disturbing the viewer in the middle of major events disrupts the flow of the viewer resonating with the mood of the anime and makes it harder for the viewer to smypatize, appreciate, or have the corresponding emotion that the writer initially wanted to portray in their work be felt. Sadly, the ill time management of the anime isn’t the only thing holding back the mood, but the soundtrack is also the cause. The writing in World Trigger isn’t good enough to carry the emotional aspect of this anime. This is where the director and whoever is in charge of the soundtrack would come to help save the day, but never shows up. Music is overlooked a lot by the common viewer, but let me give you a few examples of music from anime that help set the tone in each scenario:

NARUTO: (sad) Imagine Naruto telling Sakura why he has always felt alone and his need to to become the best ninja ever.

BLEACH: (action) Ichigo is getting his ass kicked by a hollow then he turns to see his friends in danger and remembers why he has to fight and then goes all out.

DEATH NOTE: (thrill) Light realizes the power he possesses and to make the world a better place he becomes the villain he believes the world needs and begins to write the names of criminals in his book sending them to their death.

After listening to each track or at least a minute of each did you feel sad, pumped up, and or could feel some anticipation/thrill from the corresponding clips? Hopefully you could feel the designated emotion or understand why the emotion would be felt and why the music is so important in setting the mood. World Trigger lacks such soundtracks that fully bring out the mood of any situation and as a result, there is a lack of interest and it takes longer and harder for the viewer to humanize and relate to the characters on screen. Hopefully, in the following season we can get a more fulfilling soundtrack, but until then viewers of the show just have to grind it out.

Even after understanding the flaws of World Trigger it doesn’t make the show any less annoying or boring at times. If you heard of the anime and never thought to watch it, I would recommend you binge watch the anime and don’t wait for it to be released weekly. It is still an ongoing anime series so I would suggest you binge watch it every month or two. That way you won’t be plagued with the task of watching cliffhanger after cliffhanger with no closure and you can still stay moderately caught up . All in all once again World Trigger is only decent and the anime really doesn’t start turning up till the 20’s so take this information and do as you wish. Just stay enlightened.

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