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Published October 22, 2018

Just a couple of days ago we reported how another DC film got delayed, This time the 2nd Wonder Woman will be getting pushed back. This was announced this morning by the star that plays the character on Twitter, Gal Gadot.

The original date for the Wonder Woman movie release was November 1, 2019, but the change is most likely because the Joker stand-alone movie is releasing October 2019. Wonder Woman 1984 and The Flash getting delayed because of some mismanagement of the DC properties is the reason why they are running into issues where the movies don’t do well in the box office.

Warner Bros. and DC have tried to rush this Justice League thing and it caused problems so I suggest they slow down next time when they reboot some of these characters. We all know it’s going in that direction and it sucks because the first Wonder Woman movie wasn’t bad. Now we wait to see Wonder Woman 1984 when it drops June 5, 2020. What are your thoughts about another delay from a DC film?

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