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Published January 28, 2016

Today during lunch I came across a pretty cool way to see who is attempting to enter your house. Ring Video has a product called the Ring Video Doorbell, and it give homeowners access to see who is in front of your house when ringing the doorbell. The consumer can access this from their tablet or phone. In the footage below you will see that you can watch live video footage directly from your phone and speak to whoever is trying to enter. I think this is a safe and cool way to add a little extra security to your house. The doorbell runs on batteries and seems pretty easy to install.

Specifications for the Ring Video Doorbell are very impressive indeed, for example, you can download the application which is available for  Andriod and Apple users and communicate to your visitor through 2-way audio. The device can be set up, and you can connect to it safely wirelessly while watching in the day or night. Don’t even worry about battery power cause you can use the battery built in or just use the electrical line that runs into your doorbell.

From someone who has used similar technology before I think this is something that should invest in or, at least, give it some thought!  Would you use this technology or similar technology to put in front of your house or maybe in front of your room while your gaming so if you have the door close no one can creep on you? Let us know in the comment section below!

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