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Published May 10, 2016

Microsoft claims that it wants to take PC gaming seriously with Windows 10 but it has had limitations. They’re trying to address that today with unlocked frame rates and support for AMD’s Freesync and NVIDIA’s G-Sync.

These features were supported in old Windows applications (Win32), but not in the world of Windows 10 (Universal Windows Platform).

Microsoft Explains the difference:

“For the most part, the 3D code in the Universal Windows Platform is largely   the same as a Win32 app. There are some changes to the core Windowing         system, which mostly effect how full screen windows work. There are no performance differences between a DirectX 12 Win32 app.”

Previous games like Rise of the Tomb Raider didn’t have features, even though they did if you purchased them on steam.

In March, XBOX executive Phil Spencer said it would respond to criticism about Windows 10 applications, including the inability to mod software. They stopped short of promising full mod support.

For the hardcore PC gamers, games like Killer Instinct and Gears of War will probably not see these games on steam for a while so Windows 10 is the only was for now so it is important that Windows 10 gets better.


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