Will This Be The Last of J. Cole For Awhile?!

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  • InfamousComic

    Aye my nigga Cole! Best not be the last time. Been hearing about how depressed hes been but hopefully something will change that.

  • thaelectricfeel

    I’m more excited about Awaken, My Love coming out tomorrow. Also what about Tech album that’s coming out in the 9th? Yall sleeping on the man that wrote the independent artist blue print.

  • The Black Bruce Lee

    this better be lit as long as I’ve waited

  • The Depraved

    Good job JG with the content yall need to drop some more rap news though ik yall dont like them but Yatchy and Denzel Curry kinda important an obviously 21 Savage

    • Hard to do when everyone has jobs to do. This is why we’re working on the next steps so we can post more content

      • The Depraved

        Oh okay

  • Gus StGermain

    Man, what happened with Jcole he’s been down for a bit.

  • lets hope so