Will Spider-Man Wear the Iron Spider Suit in Captain America: Civil War?

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  1.' Alex Miller says:

    Raekwon Bosby-Johnson

  2.' Tad Warren says:

    It would be sick af but I doubt they can squeeze that into the already full movie.

    1.' James Moulin-Gower says:

      He’s in it

    2.' Tad Warren says:

      I know but the suit probably wont be

  3.' Alton McGee says:

    He goddamned better

  4.' Kasim Moore says:


  5.' Brandon Fadairo says:

    He’s not even in the movie right?

    1.' James Moulin-Gower says:

      He’s confirmed in it

    2.' Brandon Fadairo says:

      Oh shit, didn’t even know that. Thanks for the info

    3.' Scott Sarty says:

      He’s gonna end up being in the after credit scene. If they even have him in the actual movie he will prolly just be Peter parker. Everyone’s all hyped up about spiderman in civil war but with the small part he will have I think they will be let down

    4.' Scott Sarty says:

      Just can’t see it being a big part at all. They will be waiting to show the nature of new spiderman for his stand alone films

  6.' Tad Warren says:

    From what I understand he has two fight scenes.

    1.' Dorian Dawson says:

      I wonder who catching the spidey hands first

    2.' Tad Warren says:

      Most likely ironman then captain America like the comics

    3.' Tanner Lewis says:

      Tad does Spider-Man do any damage agonist those guys are do they lag his ass out

    4.' Tanner Lewis says:

      Against and lay

  7.' Chamar Little says:

    No he won’t

  8.' Afro Boy says:

    I think if they want to appease to the fan service they would include the iron spider.

  9.' Taariq Ti Ismail says:

    Uzair Ismail

  10.' James Canty says:

    Fingers crossed

  11.' Stephen Reynolds says:

    Not be a dick but. Wtf do you think? Hell no he’s not gonna wear that suit. Stupid question.

  12.' Alexander Thebasedgod says:

    They might do the animated eyes, that would require special effects.

  13.' Daniel Knight says:

    Alvarez Crow Robert

  14.' Blake Richie says:

    They’re already packing a lot it seems into the movie as is. If he’s in the movie with some scenes, then no. If he’s in the post credits, then maybe.

  15.' John Tosado says:


    1.' Justin Diaz says:

      Im confident if we see it it’s via costume ideas, to see which fits best. He won’t be wearing that in his solo film and they’d want him recognizable

  16.' Charles Chaffin says:

    I hope

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