Will Soundcloud Be No More?

  • KawaiiLean

    Time to make a new music streaming site

  • it’s important than ever to start getting our music available on other platforms and not putting all our eggs in one basket. I don’t know too many people who frequently use band camp. But I’m talking Apple, Tidal, Spotify type ish. YouTube too. Dorian Quivers Tre’ Santiago

  • Their business model was trash bags

  • They won’t be missed

  • Rip to anime rappers

  • Bro, /: I hope I can still listen to my saved playlist I’ve been working on for a while

  • LegendofSquanto

    I highly recommend starting up a Bandcamp and 8tracks accounts. Hopefully a parent company buys them out so new artists can stay on the platform but until then stay ahead of the game.

  • It might as well, it’s become completely trash over the years, the destroyed one of the best networking features of the site

  • Isaiah Edwards Majin Bam

  • not like any of you SoundCloud rappers were good anyway

  • RIP free double toasted…..

  • soundcloud used to be the shit when it was free now it trash asf