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Published June 26, 2017

During E3 this year, JG and I had the opportunity to play Sonic Forces and it’s safe to say that Sega did right by Sonic. With classic Sonic for the 2D side scrolling and Modern Sonic for the full 3D experience. The game brings a great feel for old school Sonic fans and new school Sonic fans. One thing that brings something new to the table that I got to experience is the customizable character. It brings a refresh to the Sonic universe and I have to say it works very well with this game. You will be able to choose different animals and have different abilities. I couldn’t help but feel like Sonic Forces was a good mix between Sonic Generations and Sonic Adventure series. Which both games are amazing on their own.

Sonic Forces - Custom Hero Character Screen 1.bmp

With Sonic Mania coming August 15, I feel Sega has properly placed Sonic Forces which is supposed to be coming holiday 2017 in the right position. As we continue to head into the holiday season we will make sure to keep everyone updated on Sonic News. Feel free to check out the video JG and I did of our first impressions of Sonic Forces.




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