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Published January 4, 2018

Blade is a French company that has come up with the interesting “Shadow” concept. Shadow streaming service is a cloud-based gaming PC that allows you to turn any device with a screen into a gaming PC capable of running all games on max settings. Not only that but Shadow believes they can give gamers a 4k experience all while replacing and updating any parts necessary on their end. All you need to enjoy this service is a screen and a recommended 15mbps internet speed. As of right now, Blade is only launching Shadow in California where it’s first US data center will be according to our sources. If this sounds too good to be true it’s probably because the monthly fee for a year’s subscription is $34.95, for 3 months it’s $39.95, and for month to month it’s $49.95. That’s $420 minimum a year for renting a high end gaming PC. I personally don’t think it’s worth it when you can build a strong PC for $600 that can play most games on medium/high.

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