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Published August 4, 2016

Regardless if the system is gonna be a glorified gaming tablet or not, Nintendo says that the NX will release some top flight games within the first six months of its life cycle. The Legend Of Zelda: Breath of the wild has already been announced but there’s a few more titles possibly on the way as well. There has been mentioning of a new Mario game but not much detail on what it will be, there is also Pokemon to come as well although it isn’t clear if it will be something new or a port of the Sun/Moon game from the 3DS.

Finally, the factor that has hurt Nintendo the most over the years has been 3rd party support which is said to not be the case this time around as they are to have Sega, Square Enix, Activision and Warner Bros on board this time around.

As always, nothing is truly definite when it comes to Nintendo news, so we’ll leave this bit of info as a We’ll believe it when we see it type of news.


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