Who Is Zoom?

  • a black man obviously, I mean who else can run that fast when the cops are chasing ya.

  • BlacK Spider-Man

    CALLING IT RIGHT NOW. EARTH 2 BARRY’S DAD. They been dropping hints all series

  • Allen Serrano

    Penelope Strauss

  • Penelope Strauss


    • Allen Serrano

      It’s from the flash but I forgot your not that far

    • Penelope Strauss


  • Devin Baker

    It’s reverse Barry Allen

  • Roberto Nevarez

    Hunter zolomon.

  • Jacques C. Smith

    It’s Hunter Zoloman. He’s the earth 1 ( I think) doppelganger they were looking for

  • Bohb Hopeforever

    from that screenshot he looks like…a old man…so somebodies dad

  • Dorian Dawson

    Zoom gave Barry the work in that cell tho lmao

  • Fernando Trujillo

    Who is the other guy that was with berry and the girl?

    • Jaiden Gwyn

      I’m pretty sure that was the real Jay, not sure though, but it was a fair likeness and he got angry when Barry mentioned the other Jay.

    • Fernando Trujillo

      Thanks Jaiden Gwyn

    • Jaiden Gwyn

      Like, it’s just a theory, but the Jay on Earth 1 basically just got all the information Zoom needed for Velocity 9, like ultimate plan or what?
      Plus he was in a cell the same as Barrys so he was definitely a meta, most likely a speeder if Zoom kept him alive. It just all points to Earth 2s Eobard Thawne becoming Jay instead of Harry.

  • Homie d Clown

    Its most likely a character we’ve already seen before because if it was a new character his reveal wouldn’t have that much of an effect on i say earth 2 eddie.if uts not him then it’s john diggle from arrow

  • Liam Fleury

    Tim allen ??

  • Santos OG Sibomana Loc

    Zoom could be joeys son from earth 2 since he is obsessed with speed

    • Jaiden Gwyn

      Wally is meant to become kid flash, so I doubt it.