White Rapper Stunts On All Of Us

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  1.' Tosh Vasquez says:

    He didn’t even have a hook. Shit i could freestyle better than that.

  2. Fbreezy says:

    Yo, is he hiring? This man sounds like all he gives is small loans of a milli.

  3.' Basedgold says:

    This is what happens when you rich and bored..

  4.' Hunter Berial Morgan says:

    He goes hard though.

  5.' Matisse Fortier says:

    He looks like peter griffin and sounds like a discount morty from rick and morty

  6.' Jamison Colston says:

    Moe Green “got trust funds you should test us” lmaoo.

  7.' Vilmer Malm says:

    lmao vafan e detta Jesper Pläpi Eklund

    1.' Jesper Pläpi Eklund says:


  8.' Oakland Demarcus Gleaton says:

    Dude kinda good

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