What Star Wars Battlefront 3 Could’ve Looked Like

  • thaelectricfeel

    When I left Rogue One I was like dang I wish Battlefront didn’t suck.

  • Quince matthew

    Wow actual team objectives? Now imagine this but more polished with a conquest mode more heroes and more weapon variety? Ohh what could have been 😔

    • Shawn Sanders

      We wanted to space battles and they didn’t give us that

  • It’s depressing fam. We saw Dice working on Battlefront and we expected a great product. We played ourselfs.

  • Rodog Great

    Bruh, why do they have to cancel what could have been a good game. All they have to do to make money is make a good game and market it well.

  • Alexander Perales

    Isnt that the psp elite squad game?

  • carnagewolf1

    If only…

  • RegularPerson

    Those battlefronts were better than this recent one. Even on the psp. Smh.

  • Rather have that

  • Or we could get a Force Unleashed 3 but thats asking for too much apparently…

  • I actually like this game it is not that bad of a game

  • Shawn Sanders

    Someone explain to me why Lucasfilm didn’t want to develop the game and gave it to dice