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Published March 23, 2018

I don’t know how many GI readers have twitter, but there have been numerous businesses that have taken a different approach to their social media. We still don’t know who runs these accounts, but Wendy’s is a notable fast food business that engages with their followers in a way that relates to the black demographic.

By using memes, keeping hip to new trends, and beefing with their rival McDonald’s, the Wendy’s Twitter account has amassed over 2 million followers. I guess the burger chain got tired of using Twitter fingers to get their message across and now dropped a 5 song EP called We Beefin? on all major music platforms.

I’m not sure who the lady is rapping on the tracks, but we’re going to assume this is Wendy herself. The EP cover looks like a Biggie cover for Ready To Die and features Wendy’s inspired bars. The beats are actually kind of catchy, but I’m not sure I could see myself bumping it every day. The last time a food chain did something like this was Hamburger Helper with Watch The StoveWill this become a trend? Who knows!

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