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Published October 8, 2018

Shortly after the Telltalte Games situation where all but 25 employees were laid off, now Wavedash Games which makes the game Icons: Combat Arena also laid off the majority of its staff according to our source. If you aren’t familiar with Icons it plays a lot like Super Smash Bros and was made by the community that created Project M

Ever since Icons launched, the game didn’t catch on like Wavedash thought it would. I think the main problem is that a lot of people saw the game as a direct “Smash Bros clone” and with Smash Bros Ultimate on the way, why would you want to play Icons? Because of the lack of sales and support, the developer had to lay off the majority of the staff and work on a “definitive” edition of Icons.

Every time I hear about a studio laying off employees it makes me very sad. Unfortunately, it is a business like every other industry and when you aren’t making the money that you were projected to make, sacrifices have to be made. I hope that Wavedash can bounce back from this.

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