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Published January 25, 2016

Last night I was looking through some videos, and I happen to come across a fascinating video that I thought you all would like. Now yes, you have already seen the title of the article, so you already know what it involves, but check out the video and I guarantee you will think this is cool just like I did!

NASA astronaut Scott Kelly showcases a cool way to show off microgravity, by participating in a little game of Water Ping Pong. Using paddles made of hydrophobic material, Scott uses his current living situation to have a little fun with a sphere made of water. Scott among with other NASA scientist uses their microgravity environment of the space station to gain more scientific knowledge in Earth, space, physical, and biological sciences that could not be humanly possible if these tests happened on Earth. The reason the sphere of water hasn’t broken into many pieces is because he isn’t applying that much force when using the paddles. He allows his gravityless environment to do the work for him.

I could only imagine the cool things you can do while in zero gravity. If you had the opportunity to do something like this would you? I would take full advantage of it, and make an even bigger sphere so that I could see a floating sphere of water bounce back and forth without breaking. Tell us in the comment section below what you think about Water Ping Pong?

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