Was Neji An Irrelevant Bum?!

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  1.' Mr.3vilboss says:

    Boruto is a rough translation of bolt a type of nail like a neji (japanese translation for a screw) so he indirectly named his son after neji. Naruto loved neji no homo.

    1.' Tony says:

      Also it was kinda his wife’s brother so…

      1.' Mr.3vilboss says:


        1.' Tony says:

          Yea cousin my bad. My point being if a close family member literally sacrificed their life for the two of you the least you could do is name the child you later have after them.

          1.' Mr.3vilboss says:

            Yeah i agree with you you make a strong point

  2.' Gus StGermain says:

    no neji wasn’t this video was redicoulious

    1.' Mr.3vilboss says:

      Ridiculous lmao sorry

  3.' Pretty Boi Kai says:

    “Neji Was Privledgggggeeeeddd”

  4. Marvin Britt Marvin Britt says:

    Michael Blair Jr Michael Johnson

    1. I already won this argument

    2. He still better than rock lee

    3. When they got older Rock Lee would destroy that man

    4. Jason Mullen Jason Mullen says:

      Oh god no rock lee is capped. Kabuto has cells of the sage of sixth past and hasiroma dna man is a god. He can cast reanimation jutsu he to good

    5. I’ll give you kabuto on some weird ass genetically modified cheat shit. You have a point.

    6. But if that nigga gets hit with genjutsu none of that shit matters

    7. Jason Mullen Jason Mullen says:

      Everything kabuto can do I think

      He soloed 2 Eternal Mangekyo Sharingan users and WON. Izanami is a lore development that lost him the fight properly. But at strength, he beat them.

      -Medical training and Psychic Scalpels

      Edo Tensei.

      Dragon Sage

      Immunity to poisons due to Orochimarus testing

      Bioaugmentations allowing for the assimilation of any jutsu or Kekkai Genkai.

      Orochimarus snake mastery and ability to shed and manipulate his flesh.

      An extremely powerful Genjutsu, that took 2 MS wielders working in sync to break

      Liquified flesh to avoid most taijustu and elemental attacks beyond lightning

      Uzumaki tier healing

      Continuous sage battery without needing to remain still.

    8. Jason Mullen Jason Mullen says:

      Rock lee would get destroyed lol

    9. Rock Lee vs neji.

      Rock Lee wins

    10. Mike stop it he wouldn’t

    11. Mike here’s talking about kabuto

    12. Jason Mullen Jason Mullen says:

      I hope rock lee son can use ninjutsu

  5.' Soji aka The Dark Night says:

    This man Anon must’ve been watching some rough translation or some Blue Ocean dub or something if thinks Neji was unimportant

  6. Not irrelevant. Underutilized. Like many characters in Shippuden, his staying power became shorter and shorter when the “Find Sasuke, Save the village” story took the forefront. Sakura became useful top late to matter, we all forgot half the other characters existed, and the ones who didn’t have a bursting personality or some big ability were left by the wayside. Neji was important to readers, but not to the story.

  7.' Trained_Warrior says:

    Lol Anon reaching hard, Neji was more relative then Sai in my opinion

  8. Brent Kelly Brent Kelly says:

    Was he tho Aqua Heart serious question

  9.' SuperKingPiccolo says:

    Neji was important in the sense of pushing the original story forward in my opinion. He was one of those characters kishimoto wrote in to be minor foils/rivals to Naruto. One of the reasons that the character of Naruto is so important within the universe is that he has a certain purity to him, he’s someone that legit comes from the bottom where even there he was hated by all but a few. Despite the hate that was thrown his way he continued with his unflinching optimism and positivity to show ‘hey no matter who i am, i can make a difference and help those around me’. Contrast that with someone like Neji who was born into a similar second citizenship (being apart of the serving family within the hyugas), he came out an entirely different way. He was rigid and cold seeing only futility in Naruto’s efforts. Everyone’s watched the show or read the manga so you know Naruto changes Neji, similarly how he changed Zabuza, Gaara, Obito, and every filler character they shoved down our throats. As stated in the video, Neji turned around to give his life up for Naruto’s cause because he showed him a way to find happiness in his situation and keep striving for better just like gaara. While Neji may be nowhere near as powerful as my man triple OG Gaara, his death symbolizes a loss for Naruto. Neji represents the death of the childlike mindset Naruto has had the whole series where if you work hard enough through the pain you can save everybody. Through Neji’s death Naruto learned sometimes you can’t save everybody. In my personal opinion Naruto was always too naive to be a hokage, even yondaime though childlike, understood the loss of a comrade. This simple action propelled the boy we knew as Naruto to the man who would save the world, avenge his friend, and become hokage. Is their relationship mostly based off of implications and off camera story? Absolutely but Kishimoto is a writer, all of that off camera action happens in his head so he’s able to see it and feel it more clearly than us. I say all of that posit that maybe Neji’s importance can’t be found within practical character development but more so the mental implications that his death has on others. He had a purpose and he certainly wasn’t a background character used to fill up space like TenTen, he just wasn’t as important to the story in the traditional manner that we all expect. Naruto is a good manga because it makes us have these discussions, there’s so many great characters that everyone has someone they can relate on a human level with. Big Ups GI

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