WARNING: Don’t Put Skins On Your Switch

  • They taking L after L after L

  • 初音メロディ🎶

    didnt think people put skins on brand new consoles. the more you know.

  • First Nintendo falling off…Now they Cheap!!!! 😑😥😥😥😥😥Damn budget Cuts🤔🤔🤔

  • Why would you even consider putting a sticker on it… You can feel the texture of it and instantly know what would happen

  • That’s unfortunate to hear, but I don’t agree with the idea that they’re “taking L’s”. With regards to the quality of the Switch, the product is actually incredibly well made:

    -The Joy-Con de-syncing was a pre-release model problem, not evident in the consumer models that I’ve experienced.
    -The Nintendo ID to pair with friends isn’t too great of an issue. I mean, if you can remember phone numbers, what’s really the difference?
    -The construction of the device is incredibly sturdy all things considered.
    -The lack of high-grade hardware may actually prove to be beneficial to the gaming market. It has the potential to force developers to care more about the gameplay if they want their games to legitimately sell.

    The only qualm I’d raise would possibly be the engineering of heat ventilation for the Switch is slightly flawed, but regardless, I think this console so far has the potential to offer the most innovative experience to console gaming of this generation.

    • And this is coming from a PC Gamer; from a collective of the most hardware anal minorities on the planet.

    • I feel you. This was a good reply. Guy tested how many drops can the switch take. It was 11+ until it started damaging.

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  • damn that sucks cuz dbrand makes some quality skins!!