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Published July 10, 2017

One of my favorite games of 2013 was Warframe. Since then I’ve stopped playing, but the game has continued to evolve over time.

Warframe has become so big that it spawned Tennocon. A convention that explored the love of all things Warframe. The big news coming out of Tennocon 2017 is the reveal of Plains of Eidolon.

It seems they’re finally pushing lore with this update too. These new open worlds will have towns with people who have their own stories, problems, and quests for you to complete. I’m just curious to how they’ll handle the wall running? Below are some key features from this update

  • Landscapes (Open Zones)
    • Until now, Warframe missions have taken place in relatively closed environments. With the Plains of the Eidolon expansion, players will set foot in a vast natural landscape free to explore on their own terms.
  • Meet the Inhabitants of Cetus
    • Never before have Tenno encountered the faceless people whose lives they have saved, until now. Meet the Ostrons, a makeshift group of scavengers whose culture revolves around the grotesque harvesting of biomechanical tissue from long dormant Orokin Towers.
  • Different Kind of Mission
    • In addition to discovering and exploring, players will engage in an assortment of missions to find and assemble new Warframes and weapons, items and more. Expect to strap on Archwing for air travel and battle, and experiment with customizing and modding a Warframe like never before.
  • Discover and Explore
    • Plains of the Eidolon offers a sense of discovery, variety, and mystery that mixes several different environments and tones to create a deep sense of place. Experience a bristling new world in where the wind rustles across your Syandana and the age and size of giant Orokin structures ominously looms in the background. Earth will be more alive than ever before.

Enjoy the 17 minute demo

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