Do You Want To Beat Up The CEO Of Square Enix?

  • I think about it every night

  • Truth Quad

    No I want to beat up the head of EA for rushing and ruining mass effect Andromeda

  • Again?

  • Gekko Takahata

    I’d rather the CEO push Kingdom Hearts 3 and not the 20 remakes of the first two, but money speaks louder than I do.

    • Shadow Cat

      That’s what you’re throwing hands about. Lmao

  • If we win do we get FFXV on PC?

    • If they patch Nier and give me Nioh, I won’t need that four dudes are lost or some shit simulator. :p

  • posts like this are why I like social media

  • I bet he’s into being dominated.
    Oh square you perverts!

  • Mother of god this is amazing.

  • Shit, dude… 😂

  • topdogentertainment

    thats cool