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Published July 30, 2015

PlayStation 4 owners may be able to vote on what games they want added to the PlayStation Plus free games lineup the following month. A NeoGAF forum user claims that he uncovered this feature while browsing the “What’s New” section on the PS Store in the UK. He says that he came across a video detailing this feature.

Supposedly, PS Plus subscribers would be able to vote on what Plus game they want out of a choice of three. The three shown in the screenshot below are Armello, Grow Home, and Zombie Vikings. Interestingly, Grow Home has not been announced for PS4 yet. The NeoGAF forum user says that these screenshots are from the video he watched and not from a vote.

The game with the most votes would be one of the free PS Plus games the next month while the other two would be available at a discount to PS Plus subscribers.


This sounds like an interesting feature and might lead to less complaints about what games Sony offers up for PS+ subscribers.

What do you think of this potential feature? Let us know down below.

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