Video Game Stock Hero Syndrome

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  1. bryantsadiku@yahoo.com' Bryant Sadiku says:

    Please don’t bring shit like this to this site. Save it for Kotaku or Polygon or something.

    1. seanjay993@gmail.com' casjwell says:

      Exactly, There’s too many people who don’t have the right words that would crowd the comment sections/site with bullshit either to be known or just to have their say just to make themselves feel good. And thank BasedGod there’s no political talk on this site….

  2. a.person222@yahoo.com' Wrath says:

    This shit was legit cringe to read. This is retarded go to a feminist website with this. Honestly its not the developers priorty to make you the character you want. If you dont like their image is, don’t play the game. Seriously crying for female lead, black lead and gay leads..Guess what the developer isnt any of those things and he made the character out of his image. So what should you take from what i’m saying? You become a developer and you make the character instead of bitching and relying on crying until you get what you want. You take action and get this shit out of my face. And this is coming from a black person

    1. drmrandonuts@gmail.com' KidKratos says:

      This comment was almost worse to read than the article.
      Honestly, though. That is not an excuse. Tons of black-oriented, Latin-oriented and other-oriented television and movie productions are made by white producers and writers and shit. “They don’t look like the developer” is the worst explanation. Since when was the main point of character creation to model it after yourself instead of a character the player will like and understand.
      Part of this is what makes a lot of games boring and predictable as hell. Even if you aren’t trying to make this about multiethnic and/or multigendered characters, its part of the generic and boring ass formula that half of the games released recently suffer from.
      And coming from a black person myself, it’d be cool as duck to have more black characters like Emmett Graves from Starhawk, like Lee from Walking Dead, like Cole from Gears of War (even if he is one sided and boring). An article about stock heroes stating the problem on a site MEANT for articles and gaming news isn’t “batching and relying on crying.” Its article writing. I don’t see why this is a problem to anyone at all.

      1. a.person222@yahoo.com' Wrath says:

        This was fucking pathetic to read as well. So playing a race makes a game worse for you?…What? That sounds retarded. How about play the game for the gameplay and playing the game for the story. I dont care what race the character is as long as the gameplay is nice. Many people develop games around their dream character and you’re saying to alter that because there are other games with a white male lead..? Doesnt that sound a bit stupid to you? You’re the type of stupid that would want pity racial diversity handed out instead of getting up off your ass and making your own game with your own character of the race of your choice. You’re telling white developers to stop making white characters. The problem isnt the game you dingus the problem is what the team behind the character is filled with. You’re almost worse than a tumblrina bitching about feminist shit where america needs it the least

        1. drmrandonuts@gmail.com' KidKratos says:

          No, but it does make a difference in the narrative. Would Fresh Prince be the same if Will Smith was fucking Bruce Willis? Quit. Where is your source for developers making all characters based off of themselves? How many times is the dream character going to be the exact ducking same? Sure, I’ll go make a game with a diverse class as soon as I obtain the medium. In the meantime these triple A companies can too instead of making the same one dimensional character over and over half the time. And why the fuckdoes the ethnicity of a developer automatically determine what their character will be? That literally doesnt make sense.
          Also thanks for being obnoxiously offensive when debating a topic. It really makes me see your side better!

  3. jahe787@gmail.com' Fusionfury says:

    To be honest, I’m perfectly OK with this topic of the article but your points just felt….redudnant. I get it there should be different types of heroes represented in games fine. The majority of the article is stuff EVERYONE knows though and rather then drive your point it just brought you no where instead.

  4. clarence.whiteside@gmail.com' Clarence Whiteside says:

    I have been hoping for more minority type of heros. They had Bill (Last of Us) who was a country guy who was secretly gay. They also had Lee and Clementine who are two of the best characters in video game history. Diverse characters has been getting better, but we still have ways to go.

    1. badjmod@gmail.com' Bad J says:

      Bill wasn’t a main character though. He was only in a portion of the game.

  5. roymoney1998@gmail.com' Savon Moreland says:

    Marketing 101 there is nothing wrong with doing this and quite frankly it’s much easier to do. No one gives a fuck about a weak White male lead but god forbid you write an awful female or minority lead you will catch hell from SJWs. And seriosly does it really matter what color a character is?

    1. drmrandonuts@gmail.com' KidKratos says:

      It being “much easier to do” is backed upon nothing and isn’t an excuse. A large part of a game is its character, especially in a narrative driven game. Why would you not strive for diversity in an entertainment field growing larger by the day…? And since when was that an issue? Graves was conceived well. Lara Croft from the reboot was received very well. Don’t make bad assumptions like that, and if you have examples, please don’t make them irrelevant Tumblr SJWs and bullshit blog posts.
      And come on. The answer is yes. I don’t even need to provide reasons for how ridiculous of a statement that is. “Let’s leave the main character role to white males and give only supporting characters other features, like Josh Stone with his tucked up hairline from Resident Evil 5 and ignore the possibility of cool ass other characters like Sergeant Cortez from Timesplitters.” And if color didn’t matter, what’s the issue with creating characters of other ethnicity then…?

      1. a.person222@yahoo.com' Wrath says:

        Do you know what happens to characters that arent planned for and only threw in for racial diversity? They fucking die off first. This has been shown multiple times and if playing a race makes a game boring for you then you arent playing games right because a game is for the GAMEPLAY.

        1. drmrandonuts@gmail.com' KidKratos says:

          That’s the dumbest argument Ive ever heard. That literally DOESNT happen in every situation I can think of. I’m sorry if your opinion is to only play games for the Gameplay because you’re missing out on the larger experience of story driven games and narratives. If you’re only playing for Gameplay then I’m sure you’re playing fighting games or racers or others that dont require an eye or attention to other features but the Gameplay but there are so many other things that go into a game than that. Calm the puck down and go play MvC3 instead of replying with some irrelevance.

      2. roymoney1998@gmail.com' Savon Moreland says:

        You don’t agree with the fact that it’s extremely easier to write a bland white character that most of your fanbase can resonate with through sharing race alone is much easier than creating a diverse character? Racial diversity for the sake of racial diversity is bad authors should write the characters they want to. I’d rather they want to create a solid character that’s white than give me a sub par black character to pander to my people like some type of affirmative action bullshit. People made the characters they wanted to their isn’t really an issue that isn’t fabricated by an outrage culture.

  6. badjmod@gmail.com' Bad J says:

    Having no diversity gets you bitched at. Wanting diversity gets you bitched at.

    1. seanjay993@gmail.com' casjwell says:

      Vice versa

  7. Lightskin Masterrace says:

    So many things wrong with this article 80% of people making games are white males what did you expect and there’s still a good variety of characters too.. lmao at starting off talking about chairs

    1. a.person222@yahoo.com' Wrath says:

      This was one of the worst articles i’ve ever read. Honestly who fucking cares about what race the main character is its about the gameplay and the choices. If anyone doesnt buy a game because of the race then they must be racist.

      1. thomadan22@gmail.com' DougieD22 says:

        Exactly. Who the fuck cares. For example, unless you were shown a picture of say, Gordon Freeman, he coulda been any race.

        1. chadrick.evans@yahoo.com' omagofficial says:

          as an active developer for Steam and Desura and can confirm that *some* people really do care about race.

  8. darkwinter42@outlook.com' Ozair Chishti says:

    I often find myself wondering since when did race and gender become an integral part of enjoying a story? I’ve grown up playing games and reading comics my entire life and never once did I care that Spider-Man wasn’t a minority or that Kratos wasn’t gay. This seems like such a first world problem that recently has been very obnoxiously being shoved down everyone’s throats. It shouldn’t matter what the character’s skin color is as long as there’s a good story to be told. Making diverse characters just for the sake of diversity doesn’t churn out very memorable characters because their diversity often becomes their whole focus. I want my minority characters to be done properly and not thrown in for the sake of having that one dark skinned character. A character’s characterization and story comes first and then you worry about whether they’ve got boobs or have dark skin. Plus a creator of content should be allowed to create what they identify with and like. I definitely wouldn’t want people whining and telling me that the 6 foot 4 four armed dude I just created should be a 4 foot 6 armed girl.

  9. joelmba97@yahoo.com' Darth Maul says:

    We live in a world that is more rich in culture then ever before. It doesn’t matter who develops the game, what matters is the fact that the audience that the developers make games for are more diverse then ever before! It’s about understanding the diversity of your fan base and out of respect, and understanding of the greater world we live in, for those diversities including them as more then just side roles and minor characters when they can be so much more. Do you guys honestly never get tired of the same old, washed up basic looking people gracing the cover of virtually all the games out there? These characters don’t actually represent the diversity of the industry and that’s not a good look.

    Women make up nearly 50% of gamers, yet they make up like less then 20% of hero protagonists. While the rest of the world is celebrating diversity and the many differences that make up the world we live in, you guys are out here along with this gaming industry churning out the same old BASIC stuff we’ve had forever and living in the ice ages. And every time someone tries to bring up the fact that these gaming devs need to catch up with the times you all get all up in arms like it’s some kinda major issue. It’s the simplest of all the issues facing the industry right now, add more diversity. And lol at people who are saying this isn’t the place to discuss this. Really? The name of the site is called “Gaming Illuminaughty”, and they are supposed to be for the “enlightened gamers”. Yet you try to spark up a conversation about some as obvious as night and day and people act like it’s not the place for it. If a place for gamers isn’t a place to discuss this kinda stuff, then what is? Smh.

    1. drmrandonuts@gmail.com' KidKratos says:

      I don’t think anyone could’ve said it better. Kudos.

      I’ve never understood why it was always an issue to bring up in a conversation about games. Even if this isnt’ a discussion about pushing diversity into games, it should be argued that it IS boring when the character is damn near the same in every instance. I don’t know about anyone else but I’d like to see more than Booker Dewitt on the cover of all of my games on the shelf, if not because minorities are underrepresented, then because that character has almost guaranteed been overdone as a trope and won’t have any emotional relevance to me whatsoever.

  10. threeworldorder@gmail.com' RHThree says:

    I think the biggest problem is when you have the standard white savior shit in games. Oh look, a bunch of brown people with problems and an evil person fucking up shit, better have the white guy drop in and kick ass and save the day.

    Oh, what’s that? A black guy wants to save the day? No home skillet, just take a back seat, curse a lot, yell out southern slangs and hold my sack while i kill these bad guys.

    The article was a tad bit unfocused but the idea was accurate, and it kind of sucks when no matter what part of the world the game is based in, the hero is usually a white man who is literally flown in to save the day.

  11. rochrok@gmail.com' Rochelle Ragnarok says:

    lol!! When he/she asked “What do you think when someone says ‘hero’?” I thought “Lame soft-hearted do gooder” Guess I was off. Wow I’ve become so cynical.

  12. saint.james3@aol.com' Sick This Duck #FuckYoFeelings says:

    Don’t know about you my guy but when I think of the word ‘hero’ I think about my father. Other than that, heroes are non-existent. It’s a concept adapted in fictional stories, and yes, most of them are white, because most fiction creators happen to be white…

  13. mamowattjr@gmail.com' Godricide says:

    Should the “white”, male, cisgendered game designers make “black”, female, transgendered characters? Should they write their stories for them? Should they be telling everyone else who they are? Isn’t that something that our population has already seen?

    We need to write our own stories, not them; those people who have zipitty-doo-dah to do with us. Until The Lion has his Historian, The Hunter will Always be the Hero

  14. billtabas@yahoo.com' slayerming1 . says:

    More diversity is great, but don’t force it like a checklist.

  15. victor_vicens@live.com' Vick says:

    Actually, don’t tell me, I’ll guess: white, young (mid-20s/early 30s), heterosexual, cisgender, male, possibly with a tragic backstory and maybe a score to settle.

    Yeah thats exactly what I think of.. Especially the cisgender part.. thats exactly what crosses my mind when I think of hero.

  16. Fbreezy says:

    naw son, you lost me. Despite the fact I could agree to your point, just based off the 11 disc based games of my PS3, I have 3 create-a-chracters, one chinese female, a japanese female, a native american, a Siberian, and one afro ‘murican. True the rest are white, but it doesn’t mean it takes anything away from the content. I don’t pick my games for race or sexuality, or even gender shit. I chose them for what they interested me with in the first place. Story, gameplay, art design. The day we stop complaining about petty shit like gender or race in video games will be great. Then we can laugh about it like how stupid console wars are.

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