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Published November 18, 2016

Valve has that type of demeanor like they’re untouchable and can do no wrong in the eyes of the consumers. Looks like those untouchable days are over since the Australian Federal Court found Valve guilty of not giving their consumers the option to refund products for so long. This entire court case happened back in March, and now Valve is paying for it with potentially 3 million dollars.

Charges were originally filed back in 2014 by the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission when they said that consumers in their continent have a right to get a full refund if a product is faulty or defective. Remember before last year, you couldn’t even get a full refund with no questions asked until Valve changed their policy.

According to Valve’s attorney, they have no plans to fight the fine they might be receiving. We will see a final ruling by the end of the year.

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