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Published June 7, 2019

Yesterday, It was announced that the Uncharted movie got a release date by this source. It seems as people forgot about Nathan Drake will be played by Tom Holland.

Tom Holland was announced to play a younger Nathan Drake about two years ago, But people on twitter are just now getting mad for no reason. The movie will be released on December 18th in 2020, Just in time for the holidays! This video game adaptation can be a really good movie if they do it right because I feel like the Uncharted games are pretty grounded already. The director for the film is Dan Trachtenberg who also directed  10 Cloverfield Lane.

Are you guys interested in an Uncharted movie starring Tom Holland coming out December 18, 2020?

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  1. If it’s young Nathan, Tom will do well. If it were an older Nathan, I suggest Nathan Fillion.

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