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Published May 20, 2019

I’m not sure if this news flew under our radar because nobody cared or because I wasn’t paying attention? The reality is it doesn’t matter. The facts are the facts and the fact is Ubisoft delayed the release of Skull And Bones. Don’t expect the game to make an appearance during E3 2019 either. According to our informant, it’s sitting on the sideline this year. Ubisoft tweeted

“Our first goal is to make Skull and Bones awesome for our players. We believe in our vision for the game, while also making sure the voice of our community is being heard. As soon as we’re ready to share more, we’ll do so.”

If you still care about this game, then know that April 2020 is the soonest you’ll see a release date. We all made fun of Sea Of Zzz for being light on the content at launch, but at least they came out. Wait on it!

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