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Published August 27, 2016

Ubisoft and L’s go together like peanut butter and jelly, fish and chips or Stevie J and Joseline Hernadez. They just can’t go a week without one. Their latest L is a little game called Ghost Recon Phantoms. It’s a shame too because I played and enjoyed the game. It’s a free to play third-person tactical shooter that could be enjoyed with friends.

The game just couldn’t hold our attention for longer than two weeks is the problem. I’d imagine that was the issue for a lot of people because Ubisoft has announced they’ll be shutting down the servers to the game December 1st, 2016. According to our informant;

“After more than four years of battles, fights, deaths and a lot of fun, we have made the difficult decision to close Ghost Recon Phantoms. It’s a tough day for our studio and indeed the team, some of whom have been working on this project since its inception some 7 years ago.   GR Phantoms has been a tremendous undertaking and we really relished the opportunity to bring to you a different take on the GR franchise. We are proud of what we have achieved but of course, a game like this would be nothing without its community.

We’d like to sincerely thank you for your support, enthusiasm, patience and above all, your loyalty. For the hours played, the fun in your company, the never-ending deaths at Balaklava Sub-Pen, the fights to control Tomsk-9, the sounds of shotguns and the fear of the P90 SD WAR, we are grateful.  

We would like to thank you for all this great moments and fun we shared with you. GRP has been a great adventure for us, with you.   The shutdown of the game will take place on December the 1st. The game will stay available until then, and we wish you a lot of fights until the end. The in game shop will remain available, but you won’t have any more the possibility to purchase Ghost Coins.”

If you’ve spent money on their Ghost Coins which allow you to buy in-game items, then you better spend them on something. If you’re curious to if refunds are possible, then know the answer is no. That’s why they’re encouraging people to spend what Ghost Coins they have. I just find it hilarious that Ubisoft is shutting down the game, but has the nerve to keep the microtransaction store open to the last day. But you know what they say


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