Ubisoft Teases The Division 2

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  1. The couldn’t even fix the first one

  2. @Mr_iKeepitreal Absolutely not

  3. who the hell in their camp thought this would be a good idea.

  4.' thaelectricfeel says:

    I enjoyed TD but you’re right it took too long to get dope.

  5. Brandon Mack Brandon Mack says:

    Well no reason to get the first now. I’ll see if they can not screw this on up.

    1. Troy Phillips I ain’t see it coming at all

  6. I want to finish the story of the 1st one now.

  7. god god says:

    @Mr_iKeepitreal Yuck

  8. William William says:

    @Mr_iKeepitreal I’ll try it out ubi games are usually good after the first one

  9. Unless it comes as free dlc ad on for div 1 lol fuck this game

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