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Published August 19, 2018

The new update for Rainbow Six Siege called Operation Grim Sky will be coming with Maverick and Clash, two new Operators that seems like a big game changer to Rainbow Six Siege. Ubisoft released a video for the upcoming update to show off a full reveal of what the Operators can do.

They start off showing Maverick, the new attacking operator that will have a blowtorch as his primary gadget. He is able to burn through reinforced walls, Castle’s barricades, deployable shields, floor hatches, wooden reinforcement, and Maestro’s Evil Eye. It seems like he will have a big impact on Siege because he can silently create angles through reinforced walls. Maverick’s blowtorch has a short range, so you will need to get up close when using it.

Next up is the defending operator, Clash, a shield operator that has a taser built in the shield that slows and damages the enemy. Clash is Siege’s first shield operator on defense, so her main goals are to disrupt the attackers by closing off pathways and provide cover for her teammates. While this operator seems powerful, her kit does come with some caveats. She is unable to melee with her shield, Thatcher can disable her taser for a short amount of time, and other operators can melee her shield to expose her for an easier kill.

I am really excited for this update because both operators look to have a very game-changing gadget. This update looks like it will keep Rainbow Six Siege fresh and have it be a game to keep coming back to learn the new operators. I know the squad will be on trying out these new operators, Will you be checking out the Operation Grim Sky on the test servers Aug. 20 and the live servers on PS4, Xbox One, and PC in September? Check out the full video below!



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