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Published April 29, 2018

Somehow this news slipped past my radar, but you know what they say! Better late than never right? Watch Dogs 3 is coming and it’s reveal was hidden in plain sight. Not too long ago Ubisoft released an AI companion app called Sam. Sam is currently in beta and only accessible to Canadians at the moment.

Some of our neighbors to the north were lucky enough to try the beta. They claim when you ask Sam about Watch Dogs 3 he doesn’t even bother trying to hide it. He straight up reveals Ubisoft has working builds that are running pretty well and he’s excited for you to try the game one day.

Now this tells us nothing about the new locations, protagonist, story or abilities, but it is something. Watch Dogs 2 was great, but it didn’t sell well, so some people weren’t sure if we’d see another. Maybe we’ll get a teaser during E3 2018? Only time will tell. Also, check out this video from out plug UbiCentral.


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