Ubisoft Admits To Dumbing Down The Visuals On The PC Version Of The Division Because “It’s Not Fair” To Console Gamers

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  1.' Kenney Kenner says:

    Well I know that’s gonna get PC gamers mad, usually the graphics are what PC gamers like to brag about the most to console gamers when it comes to games. Well the graphics should be great either way.

  2.' Eneree Cranford Jr. says:

    Look I’m a console gamer and Ubisoft doesn’t speak for me. This is terrible on their end and they shouldn’t dumb down graphics out of fear of making console gamers mad. We all know PC’S graphically will always look better. They think their console base is dumb. If I cared about having the best possible graphics ever I would go for a high end pc. They should treat pc gamers better.

    1.' Anthony DePass says:


    2.' Jovon Trell Mackins says:


    3.' London Keil says:

      ?????? pc will always preform and look better people are so sensitive about gaming these days its not about whats fun just all competition between fanboys on what they think is best smh this is coming from a mostly console gamer

    4.' Tay Slayton says:

      Preach ??

    5.' Joe Campa says:

      Well said.

    6.' Michael T. Mandel says:


    7.' Tyson Floyd Johnson says:

      Absolutely. I’m trying to invest in a PC myself.

    8.' Kadeem Valentine says:

      You the real MVP

    9.' Eneree Cranford Jr. says:

      It’s just wack man! Ubisoft should cater to all platforms to the highest standards. It makes people who play on consoles look bad as if we’re happy with this. I think it’s wack.

  3.' Da'raius Decimus Maximus Wooden says:

    sounds like a cop out so they can be cheap..console gamers don’t care to much about graphics…

    1.' Clayton Alan Jackson says:

      The fuck? I’m a huge graphics buff and a primarily console gamer. I used to game PC primarily but have lost the time for it.

  4.' Khalil McLeod says:

    It’s bad but I’m pretty sure they don’t care, think about it the pc community will come out with a graphics mod anyways so ubi is just using them to put more in the game so they don’t have too

    1.' Michael Treiger says:

      Looking at past experience with Ubi downgrades there’s more chance its gonna be a hack than a mod xD

    2.' Bad J says:

      It’s not that simple to mod games. And it’s mostly an online game hosted on Ubisoft servers, so mods will not work.

  5.' Jordan Hamilton says:

    dont get me wrong because i agree with you and they shouldnt be treating pc gamers like that, but that being said there is a lot of snobby pc gamers that arrogantly think they are better than console gamers because of graphics and hardware and call them filthy console peasants. guess this kind of combats that

    1.' Hokage Ezio says:

      90 percent of it is satire.

      1.' ShadowXSasuke says:


    2.' Jovon Trell Mackins says:

      If I pay the money for the better hardware you damn right imma have some sort of elitism. If I pay more money for better experience, I sure as hell better get the best experience

    3.' Tay Slayton says:

      Jovon Trell Mackins Preach ????

  6.' Adam N Jenn Gonzalez says:

    Rockstar made gta 5 look so much better on pc and it didn’t stop millions from purchasing the game for the console ubisoft= u be soft!

    1.' Leon Ababio says:

      Granted, the PC version came out long after, but I see your point.

  7.' Carlos Paulino says:

    Lol wow they threw console gamers under the bus cause they where lazy or didn’t want to spend the money

  8. Declan Declan says:

    @Mr_iKeepitreal Ubisoft maintaining the L’s at the start of 2016

  9.' Jordan C Maure says:

    On behave of all console gamers I am.sorry PC gamers. I’m sorry that our consoles still haven’t figured out how to make next gen. First you guys couldn’t get a proper Batman and now you get a dumbed down The Division.

    1.' Leeroy Jenkins says:

      Please forgive us.

  10. tbh tbh says:

    @Mr_iKeepitreal I don’t even own a PC and I wish they weren’t doing this. If it’s unfair to anyone it’s the PC gamers tbh

  11.' P. Dank says:

    Absolutely disgusting.

  12. Patrick Patrick says:

    @Mr_iKeepitreal You’ll get poor visuals, poor support, and poor cheat detection. Sounds like PC ports at their best.

  13.' Hrh Austin O says:

    lmao even games are suppose to be politically correct now? what a shitty time to be alive

  14. Brooks Brooks says:

    ? It’s Fucked out here

  15. @Mr_iKeepitreal You gotta be kidding me. Smh Ubisoft

  16.' Hunter Berial Morgan says:

    I fucking called it

  17.' Caezon Murillo says:

    Paulo Dela Cruz Adrian Galindo

  18. DmarcusBaus DmarcusBaus says:

    Ubisoft Bout to catch this L

  19.' Kadeem Valentine says:

    I fucking hate Ubisoft. I ain’t spend almost $1000 on this rig to play at a console level lol

  20.' Turanga Edmonds says:

    Poor xbox Luke Murray

  21.' Marcus Jordan says:

    As a console and a pc gamer this reasoning is shit. People know what they pay for on consoles. And if people really want to play on the maximum settings on pc they will invest in getting one that can run it. Don’t sacrifice quality for pandering it’s truly a shitty stunt.

  22.' Usman Badaru says:

    If u put it down…it’ll still be better than on the 30fpsbox

  23.' Louis Carrion says:

    “We do have to kind of keep it in check with consoles because it would kind of be unfair just to push it so far away from them.”

    Awww poor little things 🙁 *cue sad violin*

  24. why admit wjen its expected…

  25.' Hokage Ezio says:

    Console gamers don’t care about graphics though…

  26.' Affrie Williams says:

    Ubisoft, you done messed up hella bad… how y’all go from being the greatest with your prince of Persia series to releasing mudda bullshet with every game y’all come out with. For all that, stop making PC ports, we rather not get the port at all then a crappy one.

  27.' Nate595 says:

    I’m sure there’s some truth to this but if this is the case why do a lot of console ports bring high end PC’S to their knees. Most recently I’m thinking of Rise of the tomb raider which can be nearly impossible to max out at 60fps. Bottom line is I don’t think most people could even run the E3 version of the Division on their PC.

    1.' The Black Hokage says:

      Some console ports run like shit on PC not because they’re graphically intensive, but because they are shitty ports. Lazy optimization is the issue not the graphics. You do realize a port isn’t built for the platform it got ported to right? That’s why it’s called a port, it’s not native to that platform. And who’s PC can’t run Rise Of The Tomb raider maxed at 60FPS? My my entire squad did it (including me) with no issue. I’m sorry but you have no clue what you’re talking about.

      1.' Nate595 says:

        I know nvidia is probably not the most trusted source but according to them even a reference titan x sli configuration can’t run it at a solid 60 fps at 1080p without overclocks looking at their performance graphs at the bottom of the guide. You’ll get no argument from me on the optimization issue though. Arkham knight ran terribly on my 970.

        1.' Bad J says:

          Poor optimization plus using SSAA will destroy anything. As well as possible shit SLI scaling. With a 290x I can get around 35fps (in good conditions) at 1440p maxed out with fxaa or smaa.

          1.' Nate595 says:

            You were able to max out with a 290X? How much vram does your card have then because I had to turn textures down to high at 1080p for the game not to stutter. I did get pretty good frame rates after that with fxaa but nothing close to a locked 60, especially in the open areas.

          2.' Bad J says:

            The normal 4GB. I mean it didnt run all that well, i did in the end turn down shadows a bit. As too how much it helped, not really at all. I didnt really notice or feel any stuttering. I had more issues with my drivers crashing. New and old.

  28.' mr.j says:

    I’m a console gamer i know that pc will always beat consoles graphically but that’s no excuse for the downgrade.ubisoft have been doing this for years showing gameplay supposedly on a next gen systems but they false advertising their product to get gamers hyped then once the preorders go up they trap us and downgrade the graphics towards release. At least dice/ea show gameplay of their games that look good on both console and pc and still gives pc gamers more settings to better optimize their experience. To me ubisoft is just lazy and just wants to make an excuse for the downgrade some games have been held back due to consoles not being powerful enough but in this case I think ubisoft just wants to make an excuse for them being lazy. I might be wrong let me know what y’all think.

  29.' Izzy Arciga says:

    this is the only time ive seen such positive comments for pc gamers, still though i think a sweetfx mod was available in the beta , though it still sucks of the dumbing down of the graphics :/

  30.' Leon Ababio says:

    Parity strikes again!

  31.' Chris Rogers says:

    Come on ! I didn’t spend $400 bucks on a top notch GPU to get console quality games! I’m not hating on consoles don’t get me wrong. I love me some PS4. Play what ever you want. My issue is with developers doing this kind of stuff when PC gamers spend their time and money perfecting their builds to run awesome games at crazy settings and then they do this crap? Just like Watch Dogs. Watchdogs was fun though.

    1.' Tyson Floyd Johnson says:

      Say it again man! Up to 1000$ software needs to have 1000$ quality

    2.' silent-circuit says:

      If you spent $400 you didn’t get a top notch GPU, you got a middle-of-the-road GPU.

  32. Theblackrain Theblackrain says:

    We could have had a game that looked like the 2013 E3 trailer but nooooo…

  33.' John Marlo Noble says:

    I think, it’s more in terms where “PC elitists” will not be bragging shit. It’s still not fair for their side.

  34.' Michael Dughery says:


  35.' Tristan Chuey says:

    Pc coons expect too much! Just play a fucking game. Yall want something realistic? Step outside

  36.' FMT says:

    Why does it matter

    1.' SaviorOfTheWorld says:

      Umm it does matter. If you paid first class for a flight and someone else paid economy class on that same flight. Would it be fair that the quality of service on your end was dumbed down so that it would be “fair” to the person who paid less for economy class.

      If you bought a king size meal and someone else bought a small meal, would it be fair if both your foods came at the same small size.

      If you spent more money for the presidential suite at a high class hotel and someone spent much less at the same hotel for a common room, would it be fair if both rooms are exactly the same?

      Every damn scenario is like this. Console-PC parity is an insult to pc players.

      1.' FMT says:

        Stop complaining and just play the game

      2.' FMT says:

        You don’t need to see every little detail in a game to enjoy it

  37.' Hector Gabriel says:

    Since when does Ubisoft speak for us console gamers? If one platform is stronger than the others, then that platform should have the highest settings nuff said.

  38.' Basedgold says:

    Thought we left the “parity” nonsense in 2014….. smh

    1.' ShadowXSasuke says:

      with ubisoft……

      1.' Basedgold says:

        They just don’t learn…

  39.' SaviorOfTheWorld says:

    Publishers will release exclusive dlc but simply having prettier rain effects on pc is too unfair. Fuck Ubisoft.

  40. Robz Robz says:

    well it a good thing i’m saving my money up XD

  41.' Stephon Price says:

    Shouldve just got a console lol

  42.' Simranpal Singh Khosla says:

    Abhimanyu Jamwal

  43.' Daniel Czech says:

    Ross Manning Wesley Kelly

  44.' Angel Rosado says:

    Fuck u mean?????

  45.' Henri Christophe says:

    Ubisoft is starting to act like a company that needs to have a large talent and/or management change.

  46.' Jorge Devin Mata says:

    J Manuel Saenz

  47. Out the Mud Out the Mud says:

    BUT you know they won’t ‘dumb it down during E3 or promotional advertising…So sick of the AAA Developers and their BS

  48.' Alec Villarreal says:

    Didnt you talk to these mofukas TBH? You need to slap that dude

  49.' Ramone Beals says:


  50.' I came lookin for booty says:

    i aint gonna lie i had a feeling that this shit was gonna happen i swear Ubisoft full of dickheads aint no one bought/Built PCs around 800$+ to play games at console quality everyone get your pitchforks cuz its time to protest this shit

  51.' Henry Irvine Smith says:

    As a GAMER who cares?

  52. L0l0Gaming L0l0Gaming says:

    i expect pc gamers to boycott this game. Enough with this bs

  53.' Neal Blizzard says:

    Didn’t they do the exact same thing when watch dogs came out? You’d think they’d learn

  54.' Nick Brown says:

    That’s bs, they shouldn’t touch the graphics on pc. It’s not fair to console gamers? Really? It’s been that way for years now u feel bad? Foh

  55.' Damon Ransom #Swavey says:

    That’s bullshit! It’s not fair that they’re holding back PC players just because the gap is too big between consoles and PC. i’m primarily a console gamer and I know consoles can’t keep up with PC, all my friends know it, hell most gamers should know this is fact by now and the ones that don’t can’t tell the difference between the resolutions and framerate so fuck em, I know I get pissed when devs dumb down the graphics for PS4 because the games comes out on last gen too.

  56.' Raymond Rodriguez Prieto says:

    This game is never coming out its a myth

  57. funny because people with weak pc’s aren’t holding the division back right? you pc losers crack me up LOL!!

  58.' Th3_1N_onLy says:

    I don’t even have a PC (yet) n I think this is wrong…

  59.' Ibrahim J. Özil says:

    Like I give a fuck , a real gamer should never care about graphics, hence why I hate PC gamers

  60.' Gabriel Rico Thomson says:

    They do that with all.these new games wild land and the far cry are next….the new rb6 was huge disappoint….the trailer years ago showed them rescuin some blonde and it look so good you could even see her eye shadow in full detail….now theres no hostage rescue and the game looks like a redo from the old ps2 rb6

  61.' Bad J says:

    As a fellow PC gamer who hates getting shit on for no reason, I believe this statement was taken out of context. I believe they held back meant held back the scope of the game. They could have made the game bigger and more complex on PC, but that would make the game vastly different and superior to consoles. Not that it should make a difference regardless. But apparently they had 2 vastly different version of an old Ghost Recon game for console and pc. Same name, different gameplay and missions.

  62.' Capitan A Jones says:

    Scott John

    1.' Scott Blewitt says:

      Lol @ the comments. And this is an incredibly click bait article. The interview in question, when the quote was made, was talking to the developer about content in the game. The developer made the comment about not adding more to the PC version as it wouldn’t be fair.

      Anything to get people going over nothing at all.

    2.' Capitan A Jones says:

      I’m hopping on Psn now

  63.' Scott Blewitt says:

    The comments here.. This article is click bait, and takes a quote totally out of context. Before that quote is made, they are talking about gameplay features, not graphical fidelity.

  64.' Jack Straww says:

    I’ll never buy any PC game that has console graphics.

  65.' Mufasa Slugs says:

    Fuck Ubisoft ! Why fuck up our experience because console can’t fucking hang.

  66.' DarkFiasco says:

    Why do pc gamers get treated like 2nd class citizens? I know the misconception is piracy but it still confuses me on how devs still shit on pc gamers especially when it comes to downgrading graphics, broken games, etc. What do y’all think is the real underlining issue? I’m currently a console gamer, use to game on PC and it seems like things haven’t changed as much. Lol I can’t remember who said this but he was like “Master Race……fucking trash race, that’s how they treat us and shit!” Lol

  67.' Kazuhira Sosa says:

    That’s not fair to pc gamers and I’m a console gamer

  68.' FMT says:

    Nobody told y’all to spend all that money?

  69.' FMT says:

    Stpp complaining and hust enjoy the game

  70.' Mr. Payton says:

    As a console gamer (slightly transitioning into pc) I find it bad for studios to do this. We know that the PC is much more powerful so it should get the best it can get. It’s kind of insulting to pay & build the best PC you can but have to be pulled down because people decided to settle for less. It makes me feel shitty that I know people aren’t getting what they should because I have a Xbox. We should get the best we can on all platforms no matter if one would look better or not.

  71.' Luda97220 says:

    Welp i thought i would stop boycotting ubisoft this year… oh well i knew that was a bad idea, i should’ve picked up weed or something. Oh well that money will go to xcom.

  72.' Naithan Daniel Beckwith says:

    Oh fucking well. I kill settings to low because lens glare is annoying. SLI titans.

  73.' Stu Clark says:

    Thats like dumbing down literature because its mot fair tp dimb ppl

    1.' Greyhound says:

      THE IRONY OMG “tp dimb ppl”

  74.' Tautua Melbourne says:

    who really gives a fuck. their is probs only a slight differance. there are bigger problems in the world than this bullshit

  75.' Nico Morin says:

    And another reason not to buy Ubisoft’s games anymore.Ubisoft is as bad as EA.

  76.' Samuel Moore says:

    That bullshit because us “console gamers” dont give 2 fucks about pc gamers or their visuals. We already know pc visuals are better than consoles

  77.' Michael C. Regina says:

    This is dumb. I’m a console gamer and know this is bullshit. Why do they do this….. console gamers will still buy your game regardless if PC graphics and frame rate are better… why not push the product to its full potential. I feel for you PC gamers, this is bs. Why not just dumb the ps4/xbone down to ps3/xbox 360 graphics so the last gen doesn’t feel left out too…..

  78.' Mc Daniel Delfin says:

    they’re probably getting tired of the self righteous PC kids so they decided to create a middle ground so no one gets bragging rights

  79.' nashathedog says:

    Personally I’d say it’s not fair on the PC gamers who spend a hell of a lot more money on Gaming PC’s than is spent on Consoles.

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