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Published June 9, 2016

Social media is an outlet for anyone to have a voice. Twitter is home to millions of users, and everyday someone is looking for that next viral tweet. Well as hilarious some people are on Twitter, Hacked Twitter accounts are no Bueno. Hacking someone’s social media is an invasion of privacy, and is a massive security breach. Speaking of hacked Twitter accounts…

Earlier today the NFL’s Twitter account was hacked, and the person tweeted that the NFL’s Commissioner Roger Goodell has passed away. The Tweet had got over 2,000 RT (Retweets) before it was later removed.


Now there are so many problems with accounts being hacked. But one reason that really bothers me is, people do it for pure sport. After the tweet was quickly deleted. The hacker continued to mess around with the account till proper procedures were made.




Word of advice, try changing your password every three months and you notice some suspicious activity on any social media you own. Change your password just to be safe.

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