Twitter GIFs Just Got Much Better

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  1.' Josbeasty says:

    They need to get it to mobile I feel that most people would check their Twitter on their phones rather than their computer at home

  2.' Griizzly says:

    They need to allow users to save gifs on mobile. Such a simple thing I think should have been a thing

  3.' Donny says:

    With all due respect, you guys need an editor to clean up the grammar on these articles. There are like five brazen errors in this short paragraph, and it’s not an isolated incident.
    I say this as a fan of the GI team and an avid reader of the site. At least run the articles past each other to make sure your final product is as good as it can be.

    1.' John Marcellus says:

      Lol right, “compared to win social media wasn’t as popular.” The fuck..?

    2. Fbreezy says:

      They need someone who can come through, read, and edit them. They might need someone with no life. Someone like me!

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