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Published July 29, 2015

Windows 10 released today. It’s a free update for anyone who owns a Win7 or 8.1 machine. With new software comes new problems *cough cough VISTA*. That’s why the more tech savvy tend to let other people be the early adopters. We look at them as beta testers.

If you’re into the live streaming seen I.E. Twitch, Hitbox or something else; then you might want to pump your breaks. OBS, the popular software used to conduct live streams (mainly because it’s free) released a statement yesterday regarding Windows 10 support. If you’d like a summary just know they said their software SHOULD work with Windows 10.

The keyword here is SHOULD. That’s just not reliable enough. They’re claiming because some of the drivers are different in Win10 some of the features in OBS won’t act right. And they’d be correct because I’m already seeing complaints in the forums. Your best bet would be to wait until they’ve released a official version of OBS for windows 10. Better safe than sorry.


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