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Published June 1, 2017

One thing I like about Twitch is they don’t seem content. Every few months they come out with new features to shake things up.

The best part is whatever they implement never breaks the site’s core features. Youtube could take notes from Twitch, but we all know Google listens to nobody.

The latest feature Twitch is rolling out is called Vodcast. According to the Official Twitch Blog, this is a new way for streamers to interact with their audience. With Vodcast

“creators can host a live viewing event and play their past videos right along with their viewers. All the functionality of Twitch Chat is available in Vodcast, meaning you can enjoy past content — an amazing match, or maybe an embarrassing play — with the company of other Twitch fans.”

If you’d like to test out this new feature head over to your personal dashboard. From there click the live tab. On the far right, you’ll find a tab labeled Vodcast. Add the videos you’d like to watch with people to your que and then click live to watch together.

This feature is something similar to what offer. The only difference is Twitch’s Vodcast is limited to their site. I’d love to see them implement this feature will all popular video streaming services, but that’s a far stretch. I think this feature is still useful for those who want to watch an event together and be in sync.

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