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Published October 16, 2015

Last month I went to Anime Weekend Atlanta, AWA, with my homies and once you view the video below, it’s quite obvious they didn’t know how to operate my camera. This led me to take a while to salvage some of my videos which is why this video took a while to upload. Anime Weekend Atlanta was my first anime convention, I’ve ever attended and it surely won’t be the last. Attending was somewhat of a culture shock. I got to see so many people express their creativity and love for anime and other geek culture characters as well as accidentally attend my first Japanese concert. Being at AWA was like walking into the gates of a safe haven where geeks could be geeks, or anyone, could just truly be themselves and so self conscious and truly enjoy one another and themselves. Now would I immediately jump back into another anime convention, nah! Give me at least 3 months and I’ll head to another one. Also, one thing I learned from attending AWA is that raves where only Dubstep, techno, and other hype music is played isn’t for POC that actually likes to vibe out. I was at the rave after party with two fans of the Illuminaughty my boy Yoshi, @JayYoshida, and Josh, @__IVIX. The party was cool cause at first I hung out with them and some other dudes I went to high school with but I just wished the DJ would play a more diverse set of music. The first few dubstep songs where ight but 15 minutes in I can’t keep jumping and fist pumping forever. Plus you already know I was trying to have a sexy lil otaku cosplayer bust something for a real ninja. It was weird dancing with one girl to a mario dubstep edit. So if anything I hope they change the music or DJ for next year. The next anime confrence I plan to attend is Momo-con in Atlanta, but until than stay up to date with all my other anime encounters with the Attack on Anime Podcast.

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