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Published December 29, 2016

With every positive force in the universe, a negative force must exist to counteract it, and that is no truer than with anime. I’ve been feeling creative lately and with My Top 10 Anime of 2016 list done (here), I thought why not make a worst list? Now I only chose to do five anime, because I didn’t watch that much horrible anime this year.

The rules from my first list still apply here: firstly I must have seen the series (or at least part of it). Secondly, only TV series will be included, and third, it must have started in 2016. Again, this is my list so don’t let someone’s opinion on the internet dictate your feelings on a particular show.


DAYS is a soccer anime done by studio MAPPA, who did my number 4 anime of 2016: Yuri on Ice. This show is dull, uninteresting and just horrible to watch. Why this got 24 episodes, I do not know, but this show makes sports in anime seem mundane, which is a hard thing to do. Haikyū; Kuroko no Basket and even Yuri on Ice have all demonstrated how exciting sports anime can be, but DAYS is just plain boring to watch.

4. Orange

I will take the L for this, because in my first article for GI, I said that Orange was my most anticipated anime of the summer season. I thought after three episodes that this would have been anime of the year, but my god was I wrong. Orange is complete shit after the first five episodes and gets worse as it goes on. The ending was good but besides that everything else was awful. This ended up being my most disappointing anime of the summer season, and for a good reason. Here’s my full review of Orange (here)3.

3. Taboo Tattoo

And another L for me, I also believed that this show would have been a great series when I said it was my number 3 most anticipated anime of the summer season, but I was misguided in that belief. Taboo-Tattoo earned my number 1 spot of worst anime of the summer season, and that is because not only did this show have the most generic writing I have ever seen, but it also got worse the further along it got. All this show had going for it is the ending had some interesting fight scenes. 2.

2. Hybrid x Heart Magias Academy Ataraxia

I watched all of this show in the GI sub discord, and I can honestly say that I have never felt so awkward watching anything in my life as I did watching this. I really did think at some points that this was hentai and not anime. This show had everything pointing towards a hentai, from buttplugs, to BDSM and even loli’s. Somehow this anime is getting a second season, so it looks like I better clear some room in my worse anime of 2017 list.

  1. Berserk (2016)

And to no one’s surprise Berserk (2016) goes in the top spot for the worst abomination in anime for 2016. Who in their right minds thought that this would have been a great idea? I watched 1 episode of this (against my will) in the sub discord, and I was then later persuaded to watch another episode, and I can say that this was the worse experience watching anime this year. Yes, worse than Hybrid x Heart, because at least in Hybrid the really bad scenes only happened once every couple of episodes, Berserk was just one giant bad scene.

And there you have it, the worst of the worst from this past year. Some of these entries did have some good scenes in them, but really the bad scenes are what stuck in my mind the most. I did not watch everything this year, so these are just the bad anime that I saw. So let us know down in the comments what were the worst anime you saw this year.

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