Top 10 Anime That You’ve (Probably) Never Heard of

  • InfectedArceus

    Yes. There should be one for manga too.

  • MandoEmmm

    I didn’t know 6/10, I’m pleasantly surprised by these, gonna check them out

  • Christian David Emery

    Good Luck Girl is Lit! This is a solid list, man, great job!

  • Fernando Benjiman Gaona

    I would recommend people watch Shinsekai Yori, not a well known anime but its really fucking good.

  • Devin

    I couldn’t even finish the first episode of Birdy but Moribito and War on Geminar were really good and Bantora was a sleeper jem

  • Dante Wray

    i know all of them and they are good.ppl watch these anime

  • D3P0

    Checking three of them out, I like how they’re all dubbed too

  • Davis Thorne

    I have seen Canaan, loved it. I’d recommend it.

  • Bryan Moore

    Elven lied is really good I didn’t watch the video so idk if it was in there or not

  • Niels Claerhout

    Lars De Baets ken je ze?

    • Lars De Baets

      Kga subiet kijken