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Published April 25, 2015

A lot of great articles are submitted to this website by readers. However, we also get a lot of crap submitted that has no business making it to the website. Here is some advice for writing articles for this website:

  • Type out your thoughts coherently. That means not using sentences that drag on and on, using paragraphs to space out your thoughts, and using proper spelling, grammar, and punctuation. It’s okay if you accidentally use a colon wrong or if your sentence structure isn’t immaculate, Just.make shore your sEntencess doesnt look lke this,
  • If you’re not sure if you should use a contraction or not, don’t. This way you can type out “you are” (or “it is” or “they are” or any of the other millions of contractions) and read the sentence to make sure it makes sense. Also, if you type “your” ask yourself if “you’re” is actually what you wanted to use. Do this for all contractions.
  • If you are writing an opinion piece, make sure to include your actual opinion. Some things (like some reviews we see) get submitted with too much background information (explaining what the story is, who the characters are, etc.) without actually offering up their take on the story or characters.
  • On the topic of reviews, try to be creative. A lot of times reviews include sentences like “The story is great” or “I really like these characters.” That doesn’t really say anything nor does it give the reader any real information. Any time you want to type adjectives like “really good,” “great,” “amazing,” or anything similar, make sure you actually explain why whatever it is you are talking about is really good/great/amazing/etc.
  • Actually write about something! The “Submit Content” page is not a place for you to ask questions about when season two of your favorite show will air. Doing crap like this wastes your time and ours.
  • If you don’t have any ideas on what to write, look to what is getting published by your peers. Well written opinion pieces about gaming, anime, or comics get published along with lists of recommendation (ex. Top Five Anime of the Summer, Five Anime Highly Recommended to Watch). You could always write about some unknown indie games people should play or rank your favorite games of the year so far. You could even write about obscure, specific topics. One of the recent featured blogs on IGN was “Top 10 Games I Hated Before I Loved Them.” That’s very creative and shows that there is an endless supply of things you can write about. Also, don’t be afraid to post news articles. We can’t catch everything so it’s not a bad idea to write news articles yourself.
  • Make sure to proofread your piece. And then proofread it again. Proofreading doesn’t fix all errors (as I’m sure I missed a typo or two in this) but it catches a lot of them. It is also a good idea to read your articles out loud to make sure they are easy to read and your thoughts aren’t a mess.
  • Lastly, never plagiarize. I was inspired to write this because I was looking at some of the pending user submitted articles and began reading an anime review. The author lazily copied and pasted paragraphs from Wikipedia. Crap like that will never make it to the website. We will delete them so don’t even try.
    Writing can be very hard and is not for everyone. If you want to get creative and submit something for this website, go right ahead! And if you have any questions about writing or advice of your own leave a comment down below.
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