Three Ubisoft Games Have Been Delayed

  • Tydynamite

    Well if they can make the crew worth a shit, I’ll take it.

  • 35 hours in on origins, and I haven’t finished the story. The game plays very well, the scenery and environments are incredible, and the characters are pretty damn good. They did a great job in making AC good again. Amongst all the backlash against companies like EA and Bungie, seeing a AAA company like UBI, known for fails, doing whats necessary to put out quality content is a light in a dark time. It’s nice to see someone learning from the constantly repeated mistakes of the industry

  • Downtown Funkmeister

    Good on ubisoft for actually appearing to give a fuck about the product they put out. Now lets wait and see if these delays make a difference

  • KingYo!

    This is dope. Hopefully wack ass EA will get the memo.

  • Micro transactions

  • BrokeGamers

    Hopefully this means won’t be rushed and actually be good