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Published August 22, 2015

Talk about moving the culture forward! Today gaming hardware manufacture Razor announced their partnership with Intel for new webcam that utilizes their RealSense technology. So what’s so special about RealSense? According to them this webcam will allow consumers to key out their background without the use of a green screen and expensive lighting. The official Razor website describes this new product as

“A brand new way to broadcast games and jump into VR.

Intel and Razer are working together to give gamers a consumer-ready desktop and
VR-enabled camera that harnesses Intel RealSense technology for a wide-range of cool
and exciting applications.”

I’m not going to lie, this thing is dope! It’s going to be great for people who just want to do a simple key for live streams without having to play around with various settings. But lets be real here also. Seeing is believing. It all sounds great in theory, but until I see some reviews from some reputable reviewers, I’ll reserve full judgement.

Also don’t think for a second this will replace the traditional green screen. If you want to get into film production, then learn it! I doubt the lens on this webcam with be amazing, so don’t think you’ll be out here adding all types of special effects to your videos. Learning to actually key is important because it will show you the importance of lighting + you’ll have more options when editing. You’re not tied down to some webcam, so the quality will be higher.

That being said, this product could be great for simple things by saving a lot of time. Will see. Share your thoughts on this product below. From what I can tell this webcam doesn’t have an actual name yet. The site only says coming soon.

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