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Published May 2, 2015

downloadThis little beast is called the Quadmovr and its speed and agility are by far the best I’ve seen on a drone.This is not a model you can buy because it was built by someone who knows how to fly it like a pro. The overall cost for the project was €600 or roughly $675. This drone goes from 0 to 86 mph real quick so lets put on our thinking caps. 86 mph ,without having to wait for traffic because it can just fly straight to its location.You would order all kinds of dumb things you don’t need off amazon, just because you can! In all seriousness this is an impressive project, and with some regulation it has the possibility to do some great work in the package transportation field or they could bring about doom and destruction. I much rather order imported Japanese juice off amazon and have at my door step within 30 minutes.

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