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Published January 6, 2018

Long before I heard anyone cry for an Insane trilogy for Crash I heard the community cry for a remaster package of the original three Spyro games. They’re undeniable Playstation classics. With the success of Crash’s HD outing, people are clinging on to hope that we’ll get a Spyro The Dragon remaster.

That remaster hasn’t been announced, but you know how the internet is. If they won’t make it, then the fans will take things into their own control. One fan decided to recreate the first level called Artisans. This him trying to redo the whole game, but more so provide a proof of concept of what things could look like. The fan programmed the game using Unreal 4, so you already know it looks great!

If you want to try the demo for yourself, then click here.


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