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Published August 20, 2016

The Witcher 3 is one of the best games to have come out in 2015 and with the impending release of its Game of the Year Edition this August 30th, it may be the perfect time to cop the game if you have not done so already.

However, those that may already have a save file of the vanilla game on their PS4 or Xbox One will not be able to use that save file with the Game of the Year Edition.

According to one snitch, the GOTY edition will have not only have separate save files from the vanilla version, but also different achievements and trophy lists.

It seems that the reason for this incompatibility is because the PS4 and the Xbox One treat both versions as different products.

While this probably sucks for folks that already have a save file and are looking into collecting the game or only replace a broken physical copy, most newcomers will probably not mind.

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