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Published December 8, 2015

Star Wars Battlefront was without a doubt one of the most anticipated games in recent gaming history. Fans of the decade old Star Wars: Battlefront II have waited years for a follow-up to the much revered game. Just a couple of weeks ago, that follow-up arrived and reception has been mixed.

As a huge Star Wars nerd and Jedi-in-training, I’ve been enjoying Star Wars Battlefront. The game looks stunning and captures the Star Wars universe in incredible detail — you’ll notice everything from Tusken Raiders off in the distance on Tatooine to Ewoks throwing pebbles at you on Endor. Blasters, starfighters, lightsabers, characters, environments — everything from the game looks like it was taken straight out of the original films. Battlefront is also fun to play. The quick pace of the gameplay and relative ease make it feel more like Call of Duty than any Battlefield game. I especially enjoy taking over as a hero or villain, laying waste to any puny trooper who thinks he can match up against me.

Simply put, the game does an excellent job of making me feel a part of the Star Wars universe, something five year old me had dreamed of. But now, adult me can pop in a disc and assume the role of a rebel soldier, or of my favorite bounty hunter Boba Fett, and wreak havoc on planets that I can only wish were real.

But if I put down my double-bladed lightsaber and take off my Jedi robes and only look at this game from a gamer’s perspective, I can’t help but feel disappointed and, most of all, cheated.

EA and DICE made the decision to only include Original Trilogy weapons, locations, characters, etc. in Battlefront. This was a terrible decision. The Original Trilogy is not ripe with content for a video game. Just look at the amount of blasters we get — eleven (and all of them are useless once you unlock Han Solo’s blaster pistol, because that gun just shits all over the competition). Weapons like the cycler rife and Wookie bowcaster are only available as limited use star cards, making it so that you have a very limited number of similar feeling weapons to use. There are only five planets (including Jakku) and a very small amount of maps on those planets. The Rebels and the Empire only have three heroes each — why can’t my main Wookie Chewbacca be in the game? My favorite character Master Yoda? What about old man Ben Kenobi? That scoundrel-turned-general Lando? How ’bout throw Greedo in the game? Hey, he had an action figure too!

Oh wait — the game lacks so much content because EA decided that instead of releasing a full game at launch with enough content that would earn a $60 price tag, getting every last cent out of a dedicated fanbase was more important. The ridiculously priced $50 season pass will include maps, game modes (yup, game modes are being withheld for DLC now in a online multiplayer-only game), and, of course, hero characters. Want to play as Chewie, or maybe Ben or Lando? Yeah, that’ll be extra. Fifty bucks extra.

Battlefront is literally half of a game. Not because it only covers half of the Star Wars saga, but because the other half of the game is sold separately as DLC.

Why the developers neglected the prequels, I don’t know. There would be plenty of new heroes and villains to play as (Obi-Wan Kenobi, Anakin Skywalker, Mace Windu, Yoda, etc. for the Light SIde and Darth Maul, Jango Fett, Count Dooku, and General Grievous for the Dark Side), more weapons to use, more character skins (clone troopers and droids), and more maps available. The lack of content in Battlefront is disturbing.

Maybe the price would be justified if the game included content from the prequels or if it (heaven forbid) had a story/campaign mode, something that is taken for granted now in the FPS genre. Telling a story within the vast and grand Star Wars universe shouldn’t be that hard, so why couldn’t DICE do it? Now, if I don’t feel like renewing my PS+ membership when it runs out, Star Wars Battlefront will basically be a glorified horde mode that gets boring after doing it a few times.

I still have fun in the game, but mainly in the Heroes vs. Villains and the Fighter Squadron modes, the latter of which is only half-populated by human players and will see you taking out more bots than actual human enemies. All of the other modes can get boring quick with everybody running around with the two-shot kill DL-44. Sorry, EA, that I didn’t feel like paying ten bucks extra just to use the best weapon in the game from the get go. You didn’t have to punish me by making all the other weapons boring and useless.

I hope that I continue to enjoy this game for the months to come and accept it for it is, even though it could be so much more. Whom am I kidding? I might rage quit on this game once EA wants me to pay to be able to use Chewbacca.

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