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Published July 24, 2019

Sad news for the furry community. Your hero the Blue Blur has been asked to slow down once more. Originally the live-action Sonic film was supposed to drop this November but was pushed back to February 2020 due to all the backlash. The studio behind the film promised to “fix” Sonic’s face.

Fast forward today and it has been revealed that the movie has been pushed back again. The new release date is Match 2020 according to our plug. No specific reason was given for the delay other than they need a bit more time. My question is; is anyone actually looking forward to this movie?!

Here’s the original trailer in case you forgot how terrible it was!

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    1.' Typotime

      “Match 2020”, typo heads up

    2. I’m looking forward to it. I don’t expect it to be a 10/10 or even at 7/10. But I still want to watch.

    3.' Vaughn

      they gonna be doing all this pushing back and the movie still aint gonna be that good

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