The SANIC Movie Was Delayed To 2020

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  1. reigns reigns says:

    @Mr_iKeepitreal SANIC!

  2. Derick Delva Derick Delva says:

    typo fellas . or was it on purpose lol “sanic”

  3. Joseph Opoku Joseph Opoku says:

    LMFAO ‘SANIC’ becuase of that meme right

  4. Jacob Jones Jacob Jones says:

    You know what I think. The horrible design was a publicity stunt to get people interested to check out the movie when it does come out

  5. Edwin Leon Edwin Leon says:

    What about the sonic film.

  6. 🗣AS IT SHOULD…🤣😂

  7. Fairly certain ain’t nobody mad at this.

  8. I knew they were gonna do that because their is no way they were gonna fix Sonic before the original release date.

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