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Published September 27, 2016

The Philadelphia 76ers made history last year when they went 10 & 72 netting them the 15th seed in the East. This year I predict they’ll get at least a WHOPPING 15 wins with the addition of Ben Simmons. If that happens, they’ll make even more history by having the worst record in the league four years running.

The good news is that The 6ers front office aim to make SOME positive history this year. It just doesn’t involve their basketball team. According to our snitch, The 6ers are the first professional North American team of any sport to purchase a E-sports teams. They managed to snag Team Dignitas and Apex Gaming in a merger. Their plans are to combine their teams and the games they play to create a super team to compete across the board.

The team will compete under the Dignitas name and the E-athletes will be provided various forms of support. Support such as having their day to day operations managed and getting top notch facilities to practice in. Obviously, the NBA connections are going to help Dignitas net various lucrative sponsorships as well.

“The attractiveness of this deal is as much about the people as it is the opportunity,” said Philadelphia 76ers CEO Scott O’Neil in the release. “Bringing together gaming industry luminaries including Greg Richardson, Michael O’Dell and David and Michael Slan puts us on track to build the most respected and dominant franchise in the eSports space, spur fan engagement and reimagine corporate sponsorship to create a vibrant, global e-arena where the greatest players in the world aspire to compete.”

So do you guys think the 6ers curse will be placed on their E-sports teams? Discuss it in the comments below.

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