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Published April 29, 2015

It’s a sad day for the worlds most pathetic console. It just became even more pathetic. Now now I know what you’re thinking reader; how could it get worse? Well it did and here’s what you need to know.

According to our sources “confidential” emails from OUYA’s hipster CEO Julie Uhrman leaked that read the company has been “quietly” been put up for sale. That same email also said that they’re hopeful to find a buyer by the end of April.

*Checks smart phone* – Now correct me If I’m wrong, but is today not April 29th, 2015? They’re expecting to sale a failing product to some lucky sucker in less than two days?

This is just hilarious. That just isn’t possible. The OUYA is a joke in the gaming community. Only some sucker investor who is clueless about gaming would buy into the company.

If OUYA really wants to cash out I’d suggest they sale the rest of their Chinese fried rice box console to local take outs.

At least they could put some use to it right? Doubt it.

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