The Nintendo Switch Direct Announced!

  • how big are those hands? I wanna be sure they didn’t hire a nigga with some small ass hands to deceive consumers.

  • Run Zelda at 15fps, buy yours now! <.<

  • Gus StGermain

    I don’t think this console is gonna sell well but I wish the best for Nintendo.

    • Devin

      Just curious but why don’t you think it will sell well?

      • The Depraved

        Well they are selling them right after Christmas which is strategically not a pinnacle for anyone in business and marketing. And it depends on its Launch title games and specs and it should have cross compatibility with the 3DS along with interchangeable games and those soecs MuST be good and NO MORE batteries as the main power driver

      • Gus StGermain

        It doesn’t look marketable to parents in my opinion and parents are the main supporter of Nintendo console they don’t want there child to be luging it around when they have a ds that more moveable and a kid couldn’t explain why they need it to their parents.